Sneaking Exercise into your Vacation

All too often, along with family vacation fun comes lots of extra calories, thanks to dining out and indulging in treats that aren’t normally included in one’s daily diet. However, if you keep moving during your vacation, you can still enjoy a few indulgences without taking home souvenir pounds!

  • Opt for walking tours. Not only is this less expensive than most bus tours, it also gives you flexibility to customize your vacation the way your family wants to spend it.
  • Choose active activities. Since the goal of family vacations is to have fun, knowing that you don’t have to take extra time for family fitness can take the guilt out of letting loose. When you plan accordingly, excursions like hiking, snorkeling, or simply splashing around in the hotel pool can burn calories without putting a damper on your good times.
  • Walk along the beach. Instead of just lounging on the beach, try to sneak in a little family fitness while taking in the sunshine. Whether you take a family jog or walk, toss a Frisbee or football around, or chase your kiddos around in the surf, your body works a little harder when trying to keep stable on the sand’s soft surface. That helps you and your brood burn off those vacation pounds long before you head home. vacation exercise image
  • Get active after meals. You don’t have to go overboard with exercise while on vacation, but engaging in a little physical activity aids in digestion and helps you burn off those extra calories you indulged in for dessert. Take a family stroll downtown, do a little shopping after lunch, or walk back to your hotel after your meal instead of catching a cab — it all counts as family fitness when you’re on vacation.

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Dr. Tsuda wishes you and your family happy, healthy travels this summer!

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