Fitness and Fun – Continue your Healthy Lifestyle while on Vacation

Aaahhh…vacation…time for relaxing and indulging in decadent foods, right? Believe it or not, with a bit of planning and a change of perspective, your vacation can be relaxing, indulgent, and healthy!

Follow these tips when planning your get-away:

  • The great outdoors
    • Hiking, biking, white-water rafting, and horseback riding are just a few fun adventure vacations that allow you to enjoy nature while being active. Happy senior couple having fun with bicycle at city flea market
    • If a beach vacation is more your style, snorkeling can be fun, as can kayaking and canoeing.
    • Diet bonus tip – look for local foods that are in season like seafood, fruit, and veggies for delicious and healthful meals.
  • The urban jungle
    • For those wanting an adventure in the city, the choices are endless. Whether you’re in New York, San Francisco, Paris, or Bangkok, you won’t even notice how much territory you are covering on foot since there is so much to see and do and everyone else is walking. Take your pedometer. You’ll be amazed!
  • All-inclusive resorts
    • There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean that are well priced. These resorts provide lots of water sports and land sports along with gyms, fitness classes, and special activities that can include games, sports, and other activities.

Even if you don’t include “active” in your vacation planning per se, it’s easy to incorporate exercise and make healthy choices wherever you go. Walk, hike, or swim laps in the hotel pool. Public parks, playgrounds, and open spaces exist everywhere. Tuck a ball or Frisbee into your suitcase and you’re ready to play. Stay active, and it’s much easier to justify trying that sweet or fried indulgence that the locals are famous for.

If you live in the Las Vegas area and are looking for treatment for morbid obesity and/or metabolic syndrome, schedule an appointment with Dr. Shawn Tsuda. He and his team of experts can help you find the right treatment for your unique situation.

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