Weight-loss Maintenance after Bariatric Surgery

One of the greatest fears of patients seeking weight-loss (bariatric) surgery is the fear of weight regain. This is understandable considering that it is common for a surgical candidate to relate stories of losing 10 pounds, 20 pounds, sometimes even 50-100 pounds with dieting attempts, only to see the weight return over time.

The good news is that with bariatric surgery, the weight loss seen post-operatively can be maintained over a long period of time if patients are willing to make necessary changes. However, it is important that patients keep in mind that obesity is a chronic disease that is not cured by surgery. Rather, surgery provides a powerful tool for significant weight-loss.

The key to prevention of weight regain is education and follow-up. Both before and after weight-loss surgery, patients need to be taught how to use their surgery for optimal success. This education should involve counseling in dietary, behavioral health, and exercise issues.

Maintain weight loss by:

  • following a healthy, balanced diet
  • regularly exercising every week

Sometimes, post-operative patients can become discouraged or embarrassed by weight woman on scale (2).jpggain and may not return to their bariatric surgeon, or even worse, they sometimes return many years later at their pre-surgery weight and request a revision. Instead, it is best to return to the bariatric team at the earliest signs of weight regain. If weight regain is caught in its early stages, it is easier for patients to get back on track. It is unusual, but regain of weight can be due to changes in operative anatomy and require tests to diagnose. It is more common that weight gain after bariatric surgery is caused by changes in diet, lack of exercise, or psychological issues.

If you live in the Las Vegas area and are considering bariatric surgery, schedule an appointment with Dr. Shawn Tsuda. He and his expert team can help you find the treatment that will be easiest for you to maintain and have optimal success.

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