Hydrate with Style! Jazz up your Water with these Ideas

You know it’s good for you, but let’s face it, water is not the most exciting drink choice around. However, from the stuff we drink and swim in, to the steam that eases congestion and the ice that reduces swelling, water is all around us and in us. Heck, it kind of is us. After all, water makes up about two thirds of who we are, and influences every process in our bodies. Drinking enough of it is imperative to good health.

Not everybody has a taste for water, but there are ways to make it more appealing. If you want to drink more water, but aren’t crazy about the taste, here are some tips that can make it more enjoyable:

  • Add fresh fruit.
    • Citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, and oranges, are classic water enhancers.
    • Try crushing fresh raspberries or watermelon into your water, or adding strawberry slices.
    • Cucumber and fresh mint are refreshing flavors as well.
  • Make it bubbly.
    • Try a naturally effervescent mineral water — which will give you the added benefit of minerals.
    • Try bubbly seltzer, a carbonated water. You can add fresh fruit or natural juice flavors to your seltzer, as suggested above, or look for naturally flavored seltzers at your local market.
  • Drink tea.
    • Herbal, fruit, green, white, and red teas are generally considered to be better for you than black teas (or coffee, for that matter) because they contain little to no caffeine.
  • Try bouillons, broths, and consommés.
    • If your palate leans toward the savory, start sipping one of these hot and savory liquids instead.
    • Choose low-fat and low-sodium versions for maximum health benefits.
    • Soup is water-based, so a cup of hot soup will count toward your daily fluid consumption.
  • Add fast flavor.
    • Consider sugar-free drink mixes.

In addition to the fact that our bodies need water to function properly in every way, drinking water helps us eat less by making us feel full, and it may also boost metabolism. Are you drinking enough water?

Read more online at: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/290814.php

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