Tracking Your Journey to a Healthy You

Today, many people wear a wrist band commonly called a fitness tracker to report statistics on personal activity levels. The general opinion seems to be that one either likes them or not, and many agree they can be amusing for the short term. These devices replace and expand on the idea of the pedometer, and they do a lot more. They can track other body beats, too. Some people even wear their device to bed to tell them about their sleeping habits and movements as well. However, it seems to be up to the individual user as to whether thExercise tracking device Dollarphotoclub_101019544 (2)ey truly help with weight loss.

The equation for losing weight is fairly simple: burn more calories than you consume. If you want to lose weight, you must understand and pay attention to both calories taken in and calories burned. It stands to reason then that tracking what you are burning could help you monitor what you consume.

A fitness tracker can also be an interesting and worthwhile fitness motivator. These devices are extremely useful at making us aware of habits we often don’t think about and helping us change them. Depending on personal use, it may be worth the price tag if it motivates you to move more and improve your health.

Wearable devices and smartphone apps could help you in your weight-loss efforts. They can tell you whether you’ve covered the distance you’ve set as your goal and help you track the calories you consume. The weight-loss equation may be simple, but losing weight is hard. Consider trying a wearable device and smartphone to measure your progress, make exercise a consistent habit, and celebrate your daily successes.

How many steps do you think you walked today?

Read more about activity trackers online at:

If you are obese and have tried to lose weight through conventional means to no avail, schedule an appointment with Dr. Shawn Tsuda to see if you are a good candidate for bariatric surgery. He and his team of experts can help you find the right treatment for your unique case.



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