Forget What You Know About Foregut Surgery and Read This

Dr. Shawn Tsuda is a general surgeon who among other things, specializes in the surgical treatment of diseases of the foregut. The foregut, also known as the upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract, consists of the esophagus, stomach, and upper small intestines. Many conditions and diseases that affect the upper GI tract are very different from those that afflict the rest of the GI tract (such as the colon).The surgical procedures that are performed to address these upper GI diseases require a unique set of skills, techniques, and approaches.

Da Vinci robotic foregut surgery represents the state-of-the art approach for surgical treatment for many upper GI disorders. Certified in da Vinci robotic surgery, Dr. Tsuda uses this minimally invasive surgical technique with much success. Surgical robots allow him to overcome many of the limitations associated with laparoscopy.

Ergonomics are improved because the surgeon sits at a console remote from the patient and manipulates controls for the surgical instruments. The computer allows for very fine and precise movements of the articulated surgical instruments providing agility similar or better than the human wrist and hand. In addition, high-definition, three-dimensional visualization provides image detail and depth superior to that of a standard laparoscopic system. The camera is also manipulated by a robotic arm controlled by the operating surgeon. These features translate to certain advantages during complex foregut procedures when compared to a standard laparoscopic approach.

Surgeons, patients, and insurance companies agree that minimally invasive, robot-assisted surgery offers great benefits over traditional open surgery. Incisions are smaller, so procedures leave little to no scars. The risk of infection is less, hospital stays are shorter, if necessary at all, and convalescence is significantly reduced.

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If foregut surgery has been recommended for you, schedule an consultation with Dr. Shawn Tsuda. He can help you determine the best treatment for your unique case.

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