Make Exercise a Priority after Bariatric Surgery

The successful bariatric surgery patient regularly does three things in their life after surgery. He/she:

  1. follows an appropriate bariatric diet plan
  2. actively participates in weight loss surgery support groups
  3. follows a consistent and progressive exercise routine

The first of these is easier to adhere to because if you don’t follow your diet plan, you will most likely get sick with problems ranging from trouble with digestion to vitamin deficiency. Participating in weight loss surgery support groups is the next easiest thing to keep consistent. They’re interactive and fun, and if time is an issue there are great at-home options available in the form of online weight loss support. Not surprisingly, exercise for bariatric surgery patients is often the component that slips. It can seem daunting, especially after a long day at work or an especially difficult week.

But you must make it a priority for two big reasons:

  • You will lose more weight.
  • The benefits to your physical and mental health are astounding.

Exercise for bariatric surgery patients and obese individuals alike has been shown to improve a vast array of physical and mental issues, including:

  • Increased life expectancy
  • Reduced abdominal fat
  • Stronger heart, muscles, bones and lungs
  • Reduced risk of heart diseaseobese woman exercising Dollarphotoclub_88386595
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced triglycerides
  • Increased good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol
  • Improved blood sugar control
  • Improved insulin control
  • Reduced risk of cancer
  • More energy
  • Improved balance
  • Improved appearance
  • Improved motivation and mental “sharpness”
  • Improved libido

Check with your surgeon to be sure, but exercise for bariatric surgery patients can generally begin within three to six weeks following surgery. When you have a weight loss surgery procedure, you lose weight because the amount of calories you are able to eat is much less than your body needs to operate. The body has to make up the difference by burning reserves or unused tissues. Your body will tend to burn any unused muscle before it begins to burn the fat it has saved up. If you do not exercise daily, your body will break down your unused muscle and you will lose muscle mass and strength. Daily aerobic exercise for at least 20 minutes will communicate to your body that you want to use your muscles and force it to burn the fat instead.

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If you are considering bariatric surgery in the Las Vegas area, contact Dr. Heidi Ryan to schedule a consultation. Dr. Ryan and her team of experts can help you find the right treatment for you.

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