Getting Smaller to Get Healthier by Making a Big Decision

Bariatric surgery can be an important tool to help you get started with a healthier life, but weight-loss surgery is major surgery. You should only make the decision after careful evaluation and consultations with an experienced bariatric surgeon. The actual decision whether or not to have this life changing surgery is, however, yours alone.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I convinced I can’t lose weight any other way? Have I tried every other option?
  • Have I researched all aspects of bariatric surgery?
  • Am I committed and willing to lose weight and improve my health? Will I stick to my dietary guidelines? Exercise regularly?
  • Can I manage how my life will change after surgery?
  • Will I be able to eat small, healthful meals and chew each bite thoroughly and slowly?
  • Do I understand the risks of potential complications?
  • Will I maintain a regular schedule of doctor appointments for the rest of my life?

Here are some important considerations to keep in mind and discuss with your doctor:

  • Weight loss surgery should not be considered cosmetic surgery.
  • The surgery does not remove fat (like liposuction does).
  • Your current health risks must be weighed against the risks of surgery.
  • Bariatric surgery is not meant to be reversible.
  • Weight loss surgery can only be successful with long-term changes in diet, exercise, and lifestyle and strict follow-up care.
  • Problems can arise that require re-operations.
  • Bariatric surgery should only be considered after all other less invasive options, such as medically supervised weight loss programs, have been tried to exhaustion.
  • Weight loss surgery will dramatically alter your life—physically, emotionally, financially—and relationships with people and food.

After surgery, most patients enjoy a longer, better quality of life with improved:

  • Mobility
  • Overall health (e.g., fewer symptoms of diabetes and reduced need for medication)
  • Self-image
  • Self-esteem

Over the next several weeks, we will outline the food phases that one must adhere to after various bariatric procedures. This information can help you make an informed decision about this potentially life-changing surgery.

You can read more online at:

If you are considering bariatric surgery in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, schedule an appointment with Dr. Heidi Ryan. She and her expert team can help you choose the right treatment for your unique situation.

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