Biking Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you’re 5 or 95, bike riding can turn your sedentary life into an enjoyable, active one. Pedaling for just 30 minutes per day has been shown to significantly benefit one’s health.

Studies have found that bike riding can reduce the risk of diseases such as breast and colon cancer as well as lower the risk of developing diabetes. Low-impact cycling improves strength, balance, and coordination providing long-term benefits. Strengthening your bones can prevent falls and fractures as you grow older. This enjoyable exercise also help with arthritis and osteoporosis and is done without placing much stress on the joints.

You might already know that biking is good exercise for one’s physical well being, but along with being a great all-around aerobic activity, bike riding also improves overall fitness in other areas of life as well. Regular cycling increases cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility, joint mobility, improved posture, coordination, decreased body fat levels, and obesity.

Bike riding can play a significant role in improving one’s mood, as well. A scenic 30-minute trip around the block can improve your mental health—reducing depression, stress and anxiety.

Cycling is great fun, but it is important to get the right equipment for the activity. Head gear is a must, and some chose to wear kneepads and elbow pads as well.

Hopping on a bike can turn around more than just two wheels. It might just turn your life around, too.

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Read more about the benefits of bicycling here:

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