Show your Style — Not your Size

You can tell a lot about a person by what they wear. Whether wearing the uniform of a nurse, a fireman, a chef, or a basketball player—clothing reflects who we are—our identities, personalities, and values. In a sense, we all wear uniforms. The clothing we choose makes a statement. Whether it’s the teenager in a self-discovery phase, the preppy college student, or diligent homemaker, our own personal style says something about who we are and what we value. This, however, isn’t always true for those who are obese.

If you wear any size above a standard size 12, you’ve probably had difficulty finding clothes that fit your personality. Clothes shopping can be both frustrating and depressing. Usually with limited, unstylish, larger-sized options, the clothes reveal more about one’s size than their personality.

Too often, those big, bulky clothes do more than just cover the body. They actually hide the individual. They become a sort of “fat uniform.” They allow one to camouflage their true self. These clothes can become such a security blanket that many struggle to let go of them when they start losing weight.

Recovering from obesity means more than getting to wear new, smaller, and more stylish clothing. It’s also about what not to wear. As pounds are shed, it’s also important to shed the outdated identity of a person hiding under “fat clothes.”

Keep in mind as the weight falls away that it’s time to lay aside those plus-sized security blankets. Reveal more than a thinner you; uncover your dynamic personality—be yourself—the one you really are!

If you are considering weight-loss surgery, schedule an appointment with Dr. Heidi Ryan. She and her team of experts can help you find the perfect treatment for your unique case.

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Girl demonstrating weight loss by wearing an old pair of jeans. Isolated on white background

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