Stay True to the New, Healthier You Even on Vacation

Healthy vacation image

Establishing and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine can be challenging enough, but add in being on vacation, and you might think all bets are off! It doesn’t have to be that way, though. In fact, by incorporating the following tips into your vacation plans, you will enhance your travel experience by tasting local delicacies, touring local sights, and trying new things. AND You can feel good about yourself while doing them.

All the excuses that are going through your mind right now – I just want to relax on vacations! I don’t want to think about everything I put in my mouth! I’ll be at the beach! I’ll be in the mountains! – Sorry. They don’t fly. With a little planning and a slight shift in perspective, your vacation can be everything you want it to be, with none of the guilty aftertaste.

  • Research area restaurants.
    • Look at menus online to know if they offer any options that go along with your lifestyle choices AND seem like a vacation treat.
      • fresh seafood
      • local in-season produce
      • specialty pastries or other sweet local treats (If you know where you want to spend your calories on something that you can’t get at home, you will be less apt to eat something that you don’t really need or want. For example, you might think, “I’m not going to eat that extra piece of bread with dinner tonight because later I’m splurging on crepes, or beignets, or funnel cake at the carnival!”)
      • Regional beverages
    • Plan activities that require walking or other physical movement.
      • Walking tours, hiking, swimming, surfing lessons, bike tours – the list is endless.
        • Be flexible about what you consider a workout. Just because you do a certain routine at home doesn’t mean that all of that movement at the beach/zoo/aquarium/antique shopping/hiking to see a view/etc. isn’t exercise! It counts and burns calories.
        • Even if your idea of vacation is to relax with a minimum of physical exertion, you can work small bits of exercise in without really feeling it.
          • Park a little further away.
          • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
          • Plan an activity that has you learning something new like zip lining, rappelling, hula dancing, etc. The physical and mental work of learning will burn calories and be lots of fun!

The bottom line is not to throw away all of your hard work to become healthy by blowing it while you are on vacation. Remember, you are not on a diet. You are living a healthy lifestyle. Keeping that in mind will help you to make better choices while away from home.

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