Guest Blog From Dr. Ryan

IMG_3424 IMG_3425 IMG_3440

I have the great fortune of having a tomato weed in my back yard. A weed, of course, is just a plant growing in a place it doesn’t belong or wasn’t meant to grow. One day about a month ago I was enjoying some mild weather outside after work when I noticed a small plant in my flowerbed. Initially I thought to pull it, until I noticed little green balls all over it…

It was a tomato plant! My weed was a tomato plant!!! I had my very own tomato weed…well, over the weekend one of those small balls, which grew into large balls, turned red.

My first tomato of the season!

Now I have a bit of a black thumb (good with humans, not so much with plants). But left to its own devices in my landscaping, I might just have fresh, delicious tomatoes to eat with salt and pepper (and share with my veggie loving dogs) all summer!


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