Changing Trends in Bariatric Surgery

Changing Trends in Bariatric SurgeryObesity is arguably one of the biggest health problems in the United States, and according to the Centers for Disease Control, more than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese. Obesity-related conditions including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer are some of the leading causes of preventable death. As this national health crisis worsens, doctors and scientist are searching for effective ways to treat these patients. Surgical treatment of obesity has been found to be more effective and to produce longer lasting outcomes than medication therapy or counseling. Weight-loss surgeries have been reported to alleviate chronic medical conditions such as diabetes as well as improving quality of life. Experts agree that bariatric surgery is considered the only long-lasting treatment for morbid obesity, but research is ongoing and techniques and procedures have changed significantly over the years.

There have been three major phases in the evolution of bariatric surgery. The pioneer phase was mostly characterized by discovery of weight loss procedures from procedures done for other purposes. The second phase can be identified with the advent of laparoscopic techniques. The metabolic phase derives from the improved understanding of the mechanisms of actions of the bariatric operations at the hormonal and molecular level.

As they have evolved, the surgeries have become less and less invasive. The safety of the laparoscopic approach, along with the better understanding of metabolic changes obtained postoperatively, has led to a more individualized approach. Now there are several very effective weight loss operations done with laparoscopy and minimally invasive techniques that lend themselves to an outpatient environment.

If you are considering bariatric surgery to improve your health and quality of life, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tsuda. He can help you choose the best option for you and help you on your way to a new healthier you. Read more online at:

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