Weight-loss Trends and Approaches

DietAccording to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approximately 65% of the U.S. population is overweight. The CDC estimates that more than 30% of Americans would be considered to be not only overweight, but also obese. Weight-related issues have become a priority in the health fields, and you can’t open a magazine or turn on the T.V. without seeing some “miracle” weight-loss product or program. How are we to discern the real solutions from the too-good-to-be-true?

For decades we’ve heard that diet and exercise are the keys to maintaining a healthy weight. We’ve seen the fad diets, the celebrities who publically yo-yo up and down, and we’ve seen the reality T.V. competitions to see who can lose the most within a certain amount of time. It seems that there is no magic bullet for this problem. Instead, an integrated and life-long approach seems to be the answer.

New multifaceted approaches including enlisting the guidance of professional fitness, nutrition, and health experts are becoming more evident. Health clubs have personal trainers and nutritionists on their payrolls now as a matter of course to meet the demands of their clientele and their desires for an integrated approach to their health and fitness goals. Even restaurants have gotten into the trend with not only labeling healthy options on their menus, but also providing an ever-growing list of healthy selections and nutritional information.

Physician services such as those provided by Dr. Tsuda have been growing in popularity as well due in part to the overwhelming success rates of things like bariatric surgery for those who have tried to lose weight but have been unsuccessful or have serious obesity-related health problems.

If you are considering bariatric surgery, contact Dr. Tsuda for an appointment. He and his dedicated, experienced team can help design the perfect plan for you.

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