Keeping Active during the Holidays

santa runThe holidays are here, and keeping on track for your diet and fitness goals can be even more challenging than ever. Traditional holiday feasts, along with extra errands can send your eating plan and workout routine spinning out of control, but it doesn’t have to be like that – especially when it concerns exercise. Here are some tips for getting in those essential workouts while still getting all of your holiday preparations done.

Keeping in mind that you don’t have to do your workout all at once but that it can be just as effective in chunks, shopping is the perfect time to get in plenty of walking. Park as far away from the door as possible, consider parking on the opposite end of the mall from your shopping destination and walking the length of the mall, and walk briskly to save time and pump up that heart rate.

Don’t discount the extra work around the house either. Did you vacuum before everyone came over? Did you spend an afternoon outside stringing lights? When you ask yourself if you are getting enough exercise during the holidays, remember all the time you spent on your feet cooking and bringing decoration up from the basement or down from the attic. It all counts!

Try to incorporate activity into your family traditions too. If the weather permits, Christmas caroling through the neighborhood gets everyone out for a nice walk. Start a tradition of having a flag football game after holiday brunch. Even a rousing game of charades can get folks up and moving. There are many ways to keep everyone active in a fun way.

Finally, don’t ignore your needs during this busy time. We often have so many notions of what’s expected of us from our families that we sacrifice the time we need to keep ourselves happy and energized. This year, make time for the things that are important to you and your health. If you have to give up something, skip the screen time, and go for a walk instead.

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