Bariatric Surgery: Benefits Outweigh Risks

Untitled As your body size increases, life expectancy decreases. Add to that the facts that individuals with severe obesity usually have a number of life-threatening conditions that greatly increase their risk of dying – type II diabetes, high blood pressure/hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and more. Data collected from nearly 60,000 bariatric patients and stored in the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) Centers of Excellence database show that the risk of death within the 30 days following bariatric surgery averages 0.13 percent, or in other words, approximately one out of 1,000 patients. This rate is significantly lower than many other operations, including procedures as seemingly common as gallbladder and hip replacement surgeries.

Considering the often poor health of bariatric patients prior to surgery, the chance of dying from the procedure is exceptionally low. Studies have found that the risk of death from any cause is considerably less for bariatric patients over time than for severely obese individuals who have never had the surgery. In fact, the data show up to an 89 percent reduction in mortality, as well as significant decreases in death rates due to specific diseases. Cancer mortality, for instance, is reduced by 60 percent for bariatric patients. Death from heart disease is reduced by more than 50%, and death in association with diabetes is reduced by more than 90 percent. In addition, numerous studies have found improvement or resolution of other life-threatening obesity-related diseases following bariatric surgery. The benefits of bariatric surgery, with regard to mortality, have been found to far outweigh the risks.

Any type of surgery has associated risks, such as complications or even death. But a number of recent advances have helped to minimize risks. Laparoscopic and robotic surgical procedures result in mini-incisions that heal faster, cause less pain, and significantly lessen scarring. Contact our office for a consultation at (702) 671-5150 or by clicking on Contact above and filling out the contact form.

Learn more online about the benefits and risks associated with bariatric surgery at:

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