Exercise After Weight-loss Surgery: Taking the Correct Steps


If you’re considering weight-loss surgery or have already had it, your commitment to healthy eating and regular exercise is critical to your long-term success. Bariatric surgery is a wonderful tool that helps patients with clinical obesity lose weight and gain their lives back, but making healthy life changes afterward is important.

In order to lose the maximum amount of weight and to maintain that loss, it is important to incorporate exercise into your routine. Keep in mind that exercise doesn’t have to include a trip to the gym. Taking the stairs at work, parking farther away, and even doing housework can be exercise. There are many ways to get a great workout and enjoy it at the same time.

Exercise burns calories, reduces fat while building muscle, increases energy, lowers blood pressure, and strengthens bones. Exercise even improves self-esteem and relieves stress!

Excess body weight often restricts your ability to be physically active, and it is important to understand how to work around these limitations. Many patients find it difficult to exercise prior to surgery due to health conditions such as difficulty breathing, knee or back pain, or heart conditions. Even after surgery and significant weight loss, it’s important to recognize how to exercise in order to complement your weight-loss efforts while remaining injury free.

Determined by your individual case and the type of surgery you have, Dr. Tsuda and his team will give you clear guidelines as to what kind of exercise you are permitted to do. For the first weeks after surgery you should focus on your recovery before beginning your exercise routine. Once you feel up to it (and have your doctor’s permission), you can begin completing low impact exercises such as sitting exercises, leg lifts, arm rotations, and even walking – one of the easiest and most effective ways to begin building stamina.

Start slow. There’s a big difference between sore muscles and sharp pain. If something feels a little off, make sure that you stop immediately and contact us with any questions.

One thought on “Exercise After Weight-loss Surgery: Taking the Correct Steps

  1. Shawn Tsuda November 9, 2014 / 4:03 pm

    Yes I’m commenting on my own site. Just starting to use pedometer today – amazing how quickly one can reach 10,000 steps. Also did some reading on how modern pedometers work:) Suggest it for everyone.


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